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It broadens the market channel of idmix, enriches the charging accessories of Xiaomi products.
We will continue to make efforts, adhere to the original design, with more good products and services, so that more people around the world enjoy simple and beautiful life.
Mr. charger 10000 CH06 has participated in crowdfunding since February 2020, ending on March 17, 2020, with a total crowdfunding amount of HK $1334570.
IDMIX Adhere to the original、 the excellent design、 the user experience and best products . we dedicated to bring the original、the design、 the experience and perfection into every product
2015: IDMIX show many original design products
And sign the cooperation contracts with many distributors from USK 、UK、Italy and Japan …etc…
Youthful years, we fly our dreams,. we are designers, we are the dreamers, we love life, we hope to change life through the design___Idmix original design products in Las Vegas.
The crowdfunding of idmix is still in progress, including US $59 for idmix slim and US $99 for idmix monster, which is expected to be shipped in April 2018.
Exhibition Name: the 24th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, crafts, clocks and household products exhibition
We need to do more。

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